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A beautiful and quirky collection of the finest handmade beeswax candles. Inspired by the hills of Galloway and the landscape of Fife; they reflect the shapes of hills and trees. Attention is paid to every detail, and even the giftboxes are carefully handmade by Alison, and her daughter Josephine.

Show offer

For the duration of the trade show there will be free postage and packing on all orders taken.

New products

Due to the continued popularity of the "skep" and its giftboxed version too, we have introduced the wee skep, which is even cuter and also available in a handmade box.
Also, we are now making handmodelled love heart shaped candles which are available in two sizes and come presented in beautiful handmade giftboxes.


Baby tree giftbox.

Skep shaped candles.

Wee love heart giftbox.

Small candles giftboxed.

Stripy baby trees.

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