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The Elemental Collection is the artisan studio of Jen Devery. It sits on the banks of a sea loch on the West Coast of Scotland.

A new exhibitor to the Scottish Trade Fair the Elemental Collection produces one off pieces of jewellery and objet d'art from Scotland's flotsum, jetsum, flora and fauna. Specialising in creating unique electroformed metal and seaglass jewellery for the discerning woman who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Pieces are governed by the seasons and what the sea and countryside chooses to offer. Every item is a one off as nature never produces two items the same - every leaf on every tree is different from the next. We love the unpredictability of not only foraging for organic material but also the jewellery making process itself. You won't see similar work anywhere else.

We are a green company - when out foraging in an attempt to 'give something back', we clean the beaches of rubbish. Seapottery and seaglass are classed as 'industrial waste' so we're taking unwanted washed up items and repurposing them into something beautiful.

Our jewellery are real conversation pieces. Each one is traceable and provides a unique story - a brilliant marketing point for not only stockists, but the customer and gift recipient too.

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New products

Working with retailers throughout the country we can produce work from flotsam, jetsum, flora and fauna local to your area. We will work with you to create a collection of jewellery made from foraged items local to you. It could be leaves from a beautiful tree outside your store or seaglass and seapottery found on your local beach.


Chunky Contemporary Seaglass & Copper Necklace

Mussell Shell & Copper Earrings

Loch Lomond Oak Leaf Encased in Copper Object d'Art

Electroformed Birch Bark Sterling Silver Necklace

Ethereal Copper and Seaglass Pendant

Electroformed Maple Leaf Necklace

Argyll & Bute


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