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Emma Ball Ltd began back in 2001, where Emma launched a start-up range of limited edition prints, along with a scenic range of greetings cards. Emma previously ran her own company designing stencils and applying them to various products, such as plant pots. Having proved her illustrations were a great success, and with more demand asking to expand onto different products, Emma Ball Ltd was born. Fourteen years later, with over 40 portfolios of areas all over Britain, hundreds of stationery items, over 1000 card images and a host of gift lines, Emma has put her heart and soul into expanding the business, which has no sign of slowing down any time soon. Over the past few years, we have also taken on board Four other artists, our most recent addition is Abigail Mill, who is one of Britain’s foremost textile artists.

New products

Look out for our new fishy and thistle products as well as updated area tea towels and more of our popular Tweedy cards by Abigail Mill!!


Abigail Mill Tweedie Cards

Caroline Cleave Floral Occasion Range

Animal Magic Relation Range

Puffin Tinware (Exclusive to Emma Ball Ltd)

Scottish tea towels available

Ever-so-popular Scented Tinned Candles

Top Floor

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