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If you're looking for something quirky to make a big impact on your shelves and with customers then our 'A Little Tin Of' Animal Collection is for you.

Aimed at the children's market (but also appealing to adults with a sense of fun) the range doesn't showcase their cute fluffy sides, these are all about bodily functions which make us giggle.

Included in the collection are Rat Droppings, Sheep Poo, Dragon Droppings and Fox Poo plus the very on trend Unicorn Poo so it has something for everyone.

The contents of course aren't real (even though some people think they are!) each tin contains 100g of confectionery which changes depending on the animal.

Designed and manufactured in the UK the range is offered with a low initial order amount so can be retail tested for minimal cost.

However we know no one can resist these little tins of fun!

New products

We've been asked for Scottish themed tins so are pleased to welcome the Wee Collection to our stable. Comprising of Haggis Droppings and Highland Cow Poo, and containing the same high quality range of sweets as the Little Tins, the Wee ones will be great for anyone wanting to offer their customers a more northern product.


Little Tins

Little Tins

Little Tin Of Range

The Wee Collection

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