Hairy Coo


Showcase Scotland

The Hairy Coo is delighted to be bringing the lovable coos and ewes back again at the Scottish Trade Show this year after another very busy year! These two iconic scottish breeds are all lovingly hand-wrapped in specially dyed wool and the range includes keyrings, fridge magnets and brooches as well as a collection of Christmas tree hangings.

Show offer

Discounts available on our mixed "show offer" package.

New products

We are delighted to be launching a new coo at the Scotland Trade Show this year. This special edition coo is made from beautifully carved and locally sourced cherry wood and stands proud on its own stand. We are sure that Hairy Coo collectors all over the world will love them.


Finlay and Flora

Isla the Hairy Coo

Lewis and Harris Woolly Ewes

Clyde and Rowan

Standing Coo

PH20 1BD

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