Holly Silver Jewellery


Personalised & Sentimental Sterling Silver Jewellery hand crafted in the heart of Scotland. Each design is hand-made and hand-stamped with your own special names and words to create a wonderful, unique and thoughtful piece of Jewellery.

There is a special sentiment to each collection that represents the love and connections between people, promote wellbeing and give empowerment to each individual that wears it.

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Spend over £1000 and you will receive your very own personalised piece of Holly Silver Jewellery to the value of £100 (RRP)

New products

My Sanctuary Range - A collection of jewellery inspired from the protection and peace that you feel when you are amongst dense leafy trees. I love looking up at the expansive canopy of a leafy tree - I get an immediate and immense sense of energy, power and protection from this strong tree with its vast outstretching canopy offering me my Sanctuary in the world or within my own feelings.

The collection offers a leafy design in necklace, bracelet and coordinating earrings


'Close to My Heart' Collection - keep those precious names close to you

'Serenity Rings' Necklace - hand stamped with empowering words

Storyboard Bangles - Hand-stamped with empowering words

'Hearts Connected' - Two hearts joined together forever

'Sanctuary' Necklace - Symbolic of the peace you feel under the canopy of a leafy tree

'Serenity' Necklace - Empowering collection hand-stamped with "Courage"

KY13 8TY

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