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Ablekids Press is a Scottish children's publisher specialising in picture books and bilingual editions. We publish books in English, Gaelic, Scots and a variety of other languages. Our most popular titles are those in the Wee MacNessie series with the sixth story, Wee MacNessie and the Lion Dance due for publication in January 2020.

These make perfect gifts for tourists and those with friends and family abroad who are looking for light, easily posted books with a Scottish theme which have been produced and printed in Scotland.

New products

Buyers to Scotland's Trade Show will have an exclusive preview of the latest Wee MacNessie story prior to official publication on January 25th. Wee MacNessie and the Lion Dance has a Chinese theme with some of the story set in Urquhart Castle. It comes in an English and Mandarin version as well as several other language editions.



Wee MacNessie - English

Where is Wee MacNessie? - English

Wee MacNessie and the Tartan Spots - English

Captain Wee MacNessie - French

Wee MacNessie and Ogopogo - English/Spanish

Wee MacNessie and the Lion Dance - English


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