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We have been extremely busy over the past few months, with our award-winning in-house design team producing some beautiful new collections as well as collaborating with our fantastic external artists. We have recognised that our customers are in need of high-quality Scottish product due to the increased number of tourists visiting Scotland and their desire for authentically Scottish product. The Art File have listened to our customers, and so our talented design team have been hard at work creating some new product in the shape of matching gift wrap and gift bags. We will be releasing two new gift packaging ranges specially designed for our Scottish audience, so make sure you’re the first to see these special collections on our stand at the show.

Our Tartan range is a true classic, but with a contemporary twist. With traditional greens and plum purples, as well as a pop of pink, our Tartan gift packaging range has something for everyone. The gift bags also feature stylish navy-blue ribbons and a refreshing yellow interior. The brilliant design team have also created something a bit different for our Scottish customers. The Thistle range beautifully contrasts royal purple and navy blue with bright green, and features a rich purple interior, gift tag and ribbon.

Alongside this, no less than 10 brand new everyday greeting card collections, including a range extension from Popular Scottish based brand , I Like Birds are being launched at the show. Make sure you are amongst the first to see these wonderful new collections. 
Edinburgh’s Chalan Field of Pie in the Sky state ‘we love stocking Art File cards as the product ranges are always diverse and on trend - the Edinburgh card is one of our top sellers. We also love the Ben Rothery natural history museum range’. 

As well as our Scottish collections, The Art File will be launching 316 new Everyday products across 8 brand new card collections, 5 exciting range extensions, and 4 gift wrap collections. Make sure you are among the first to see them on our stand at the show.

You can read about our Environmental strategy for 2020 here .

Show offer

We will offer you a 10% discount from your order if you place it with us on the stand at the show. 

New products

We have a hand selected collection of Brand new Spring /Summer 2020 Greeting Card and Gift Packaging collections especially for you. 
We're also absolutely delighted to be launching two Scottish themed Gift Packaging collections, along with some Scottish cards. 

Overall- The Art File are proud to be launching over 300 new products in total for the season ahead. 

We can't wait to see you on the stand .


I Like Birds- By Stuart Cox

Scottish Themed Cards

Brand New Tartan and Thistle Gift Packaging

Lyla Marnie

Vertigo- The newest Male orientated Greeting Card collection

New Everyday Artichoke Gift Packaging from The Art File

Press Releases

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