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 Superior Quality: At Asgard, we pride ourselves on customer care and focus on producing the best quality products and keeping our customers happy. We spare no expense in the design of our products, spending considerable time researching the history of the product and ensuring the minutest of detail is fully captured before creating them by hand. Each piece is finished by our craftsman’s hands, in our studio on the West Coast of Scotland.

 Design: Made as close as we can to the way it was made originally, the master craftsman sets the highest of standards. Each piece is unique as it is hand finished. The attention to detail is amazing. 

.  Style & Versatility: Love History, love Vikings, By Asgard; If you like affordable, stylish pewter jewellery steeped in history, then Asgard is for you, appealing to historians with a passion for detail, Viking enthusiasts, Re-enactors and to those that like something unique, Asgard has something for everyone. Every piece is based on an original find or directly inspired by period artefacts.

    All  our products come  in fully recyclable gift packs, with some information about the unique origins of its history and is ready to gift. 


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The Lewis Chessmen Candle Collection


One of Scotland’s most iconic Viking discoveries. They are thought to date back to AD 1150-1200, since their discovery on a beach on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland in the 19th century, The Lewis Chessmen have captured the attention and hearts of people around the globe. Originally cast in walrus ivory in the form of seated kings and queens, mitred bishops, knights on their steeds, standing warders and pawns.  Our craftsmen have meticulously recreated a selection of these beautiful pieces, in wax candles. Painstakingly hand carving the master mould, to ensure the capture of the minutest of detail and of their original character. Each piece is individually poured and finished by hand on the West Coast of Scotland.


The King

Modelled on one of the 8 kings discovered, our king is adorned with a crown and wearing a long dalmatic fastened on the right shoulder, leaving the right arm free to use the sword if required. He is seated on his elaborate throne with his sword across his knees. He radiates his regal heritage. He is one of the two unusual kings as he is clean shaven. Height: 175mm

The Queen

One of the 8 queens discovered, our queen wears her crown with her veil underneath depicting typical 12th century style. She sits on her intricate throne, carved in a similar style to the king. Our queen is unusual, as she clutches a drinking horn in her left hand and rests her chin in her right hand on the other. There are only two like this in the collection. Height: 175mm

The Berserker

Known as the foot soldiers, the warders and rooks wear helmets, always carry a sword and their shields are decorated in a similar manner to the knights. Our Beserker is one of only 3, of the original 12 Warders or Rooks to be found biting his shield showing his frenzied state. Hence the modern day expression ‘berserk’ Height:179mm

The Pawn

 One of the 19 discovered none of which are represented in human shape. A simple octagonal shape with a rising to a curved top.  Our pawn is modelled on one of only 3 pieces to feature engraving or decoration. Our craftsmen have beautifully recreated the most intricate design. Height:157mm


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Viking-Inspired Pendant

Lewis Chessman Candles

Viking Rune Ring

Lion Rampant Pendant

Trinity Knot


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