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Here at Asgard we pride ourself in making stunning and affordable pewter jewellery. We also offer a great range of exclusive Viking Tattoo t-shirts, Celtic designs, and some great accessories to complement your life and your look.We are constantly adding new lines to bring you the best in modern Viking culture.But there's a little bit more to it than just that. You see we are committed to faithfully reproducing the art styles and artefacts of the Viking age and culture. Bringing these ancient designs to a modern audience and providing a tangible connection to our Viking age ancestors.Waes Hael!

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Free UK/Eire shipping on all orders over £200 Net placed at the show.            Free Asgard poster to all visitors of our stand!

New products

Our latest addition to our range are Viking earrings! The simple sterling silver hoop is based on a find discovered this year. It is a fantastic piece, and we just knew once we saw it that it would work perfectly with the small sword, fire striker and rod pendants that were uncovered years ago. We have also added Ogham pendants to our range. Ogham were the first alphabet of Scotland. The letters were carved on stones from around the 4th century onwards. They are not a language, but a way of writing down any language. Pictish, latin, and even old norse inscriptions have been found across Scotland.Our Petwer Ogham pendants come with a lenght of coloured suede cord.


Viking-Inspired Pendant

Viking Charm Earrings

Viking Rune Ring

Ogham Pendant


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