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BAKKA aims to promote and help preserve the cultural heritage of Fair Isle knitwear by combining the oldest traditional patterns and natural colours with a luxury modern yarn, 100% superfine merino. This creates a range of contemporary heritage products which are light and silky soft, warm and comfortable: in a word, modern. The designs were inspired from the oldest garments in the collections of the Museums in Edinburgh and Shetland, and use traditional patterns and colours. This is what many people around the world expect to see in a Fair Isle garment. New life has been given to these patterns by reworking and slightly modernising the designs and by replicating the old vegetable dyes. BAKKA brings Fair Isle knitwear firmly into the 21st Century with its use of a luxury fine-gauge yarn, and contributes to help preserve this uniquely Shetland product. BAKKA's creations are distinguised and unique amongst other Fair Isle producers; no one else is doing this. The work is a celebration of Fair Isle knitwear. The lightness, warmth and comfort of the yarn make BAKKA creations suitable for all locations, both in cities and in the country. With an outstanding finish and eye-catching range of designs, BAKKA products are ideal for both personal and professional gifts.

New products

Introducing our first garments in 2020! Made in our unique reversible Fair Isle fabric using the world's best 100% superfine merino yarn, they are not to be missed.

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TJ2 scarve in reversible Fair Isle

TJ4 scarf with Fair Isle ends only

Throw G in blue and white

W1A wristwarmers in reversible Fair Isle

Throw C

Stole 959 in Shetland black and white

Shetland Isles

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