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Bill Baber Knitwear produces authentic Scottish knitwear using natural fibres including Cashmere, Linen, Cotton, Silk and Merino Wool. The entire collection is produced from a workshop in Edinburgh's Old Town.

New products

We have three new products for the cooler months - the Argyle Shawl, the Ballater Shawl and the Montrose Jacket.  The Argyle Shawl sits somewhere between a shawl and pullover. Loose fitting with a raglan shaped shoulder, wide tapered body shape, and ribbed cowl neck, the Argyle is perfect for wrapping up against the cold.  Knitted with pure Donegal wool, the Argyle is designed to show off the luxurious Irish wool to its full characteristics. Donegal wool is renowned for its distinctive fleck and colours that are reminiscent of the Irish countryside, from misty mountains to tranquil lakes to dramatic coastlines, and the Argyle Shawl reflects the colours and textiles of the Irish landscape. The Ballater Shawl and Montrose Jacket are inspired by ancient Celtic art.  Our design is similar to the Celtic Sailor’s Knot, an intertwining of two ropes, which would be made by Celtic sailors for their sweethearts.  The Sailor’s Knot symbolises harmony, friendship, affection and love. This is one of the strongest and is representative of a bond that grows stronger with time.  The romantic gesture of giving a loved one a piece of Celtic design is perhaps so popular for this reason. The Montrose Jacket has a lightweight body with bold cuff and hem panels, creating a fluid moving style that simply wraps you in fashion and comfort. This lovely flowing cardigan style jacket is incredibly versatile and will adapt to any situation you care to put it to. The Ballater Shawl is a versatile garment. You can wear it loose around your neck, dress it up with a brooch at the shoulder or wrap one edge round your shoulders.


Donegal Wool Argyle Shawl

Montrose Jacket

Ballater Shawl

Cashmere and Silk Cape

Milly Jacket

Wool & Linen Orkney Snood


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