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Frith are displaying their innovative bronze finish animals and also introducing 20 new works of art. They supply a number of Scottish retailers with their wonderful Highland Cattle created by Veronica Ballan. These have enjoyed considerable success over the last few years alongside Frith's fantastic Cockapoo, Hedgehog  and Hare sculpture - in addition their new miniature range. All are excusive to Frith designed by well known artists and produced by their craftspeople in the UK.

New products

Friths new British Wildlife collection will be added to with new garden birds and a wecome returnee to the British countryside the Beaver! Also a new subject is an Angora Goat with young and Feral Goat miniatures as seen in the Highlands.  In addition newly designed are Cocker spaniels and more Cockapoos - the outstanding success of 2018!! Also look out for some innovative new designs to their Highland Cattle collection - you will have 30 different sizes and positions to choose from.


Highland Cow and Calf

Highland Bull sitting

Howard Hare - Friith best seller

Snuffles and Wiggles emerging!

Stag Rutting

Just some of our incredible Cockapoos!


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