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Over 100 Years Of Quality And Craftsmanship

A defining moment in 1912 brought Frank Brook and Walter Taverner together. The two embarked on a relentless pursuit of the finest and most prestigious cloths, materials, and tailors worldwide to lovingly create their suits, jackets, trousers and outerwear. It was soon evident that Brook Taverner was destined to become the legacy of distinctive style and the benchmark of quality we know today.

Brook Taverner’s relationships are consistent with our values, vividly portraying exclusivity, integrity, tradition and heritage. Together, we’ve been styling the world’s best dressed men for over one hundred years.

A brand synonymous with luxury and steeped in rich English heritage, Brook Taverner has stood the test of time. For over a century, we have effectively maintained our marketing aura, while remaining steadfast through economic turns and changing media styles.

New products

Our impeccable English styling and attention to detail is conveyed in every stitch. With exquisite craftsmanship, precision tailoring and premium fabrics from the likes of Harris Tweed and Abraham Moon, first time customers quickly become part of the Brook Taverner family.

Brook Taverner gives the gift of confidence. We provide quintessential classic style for the sophisticated man. We answer to aspirations while providing a trusted product line for the man who is expected to carry himself in a certain way.


Harris Tweed Jacket, fabric by Harris Tweed Scotland.

Exclusive Harris Tweed Jacket and waistcoat

Shooting Coat from the Brook Taverner Heritage Collection

Our Exclusive House Tweed woven by Moon

Magnum Stock Service Wool jacket

Arrochar Tweed Crail Jacket & Waistcoat

West Yorkshire

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