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Homeware, gifts and stationery featuring original artwork and illustrations from a Scottish Artist.

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New products

After a successful Kickstarter project, a brand new card game, Waters Edge, will be launched as part of the Spring Trade Fair 2020. Waters Edge invites players to spend a 'week' in the town catching and selling fish, helping their town to grow. Players need to keep their ice houses stocked ready to feed the town-folk but must watch out for storms, whales and cheeky seagulls! With 150+ beautifully illustrated cards, this family-friendly tactical card game has caught the attention of players across the world. 

In addition to the card game, several new collections are being lauched featuring the ever-popular windswept Heelan Coos, Cherry Foxes and Exercise Bears. New products include lens cloths, tote bags and enamel mugs with existing product ranges expanding to include a wider range of my heartwarming illustrations.  Discover brand new greeting cards, mugs, coasters, notebooks, money pots, multi-functional headwear, tea towels and more!


Waters Edge card game

Meet the bears...

Tea Towel Collection

Tote Bags

Otterly Awesome products

Multi-functional headwear


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