Chloe Gardner


Beautiful designs often made with feathers, leaves and flowers but sometimes just paint! These designs appear on top quality British made products that sell incredibly well. New designs include a feather made seal and a feather made Scottie dog. Best selling designs include Chloe's two highland cows and her contemporary bright coloured stags.

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Complimentary tea towel boxes for orders over 50 tea towels.

New products

A new feather seal and a new feather Scottie dog. A new running puffin cone mug. New tablemats in the flying puffin, running puffin and a fat puffin eating fish! New robin wrapping paper, new puffin wrapping paper. New puffin oven gloves, New butterflies tea towels and many more new things!


Mug collection

Boxed teatowels

Bright highland cow homeware


Table mats and coasters

wrapping paper


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