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Connie Rose Designs are thrilled to be exhibiting for the first time at Scotlands Trade Fair Spring 2019. We currently have 25 stockists around the UK but are looking to expand. We offer wholesale deals and sale or return agreements, so please come and have a chat to discuss all options and terms. We also guarantee product exclusivity in your area.

There are two ranges available, one that is fully adjustable (making the perfect gift) and the other featuring pieces of original art work.Very unique in design these statement pieces are sure to set you aside from your competitors.

Show offer

Any wholesale order placed at the show with a value over £250 will be entitled to a 10% discount.

New products

2019 will see the launch of five new colour options in the Infinity Range! To add to the existing choices of Fire, Ice, Haze, Storm and Midnight....we can now offer Spring (teal), Summer (neon), Autumn (copper), Winter (white/silver) and Monochrome (black/white). We also have new items within this range including single badges (large or small) on a silk cord base and the new multiple badge fixed choker available with 3 or 6 discs, creating a truly wow piece sure to be a conversation starter!


Autumn Infinity Large Silk Cord Necklace

Fire Infinity Large Fixed Cuff

Monochrome Infinity 3 Badge Fixed Choker

Malachite Classic Adjustable Cuff

Red Howlite Classic Set (Cuff, Earrings & Ring)

Rhodium Plated Classic Wire Rings (adjustable)

South Lanarkshire

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