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Luxurious olive oil soaps.

We produce our olive oil soaps with the traditional cold process method. The soaps are created from scratch following our unique certified recipes. Carrying an experience in soap making for 13 years, our final recipes produce soaps that are made with a purpose:

To be used head to Toe. A single product for everything!

We are proud to say that we took a step further than the regular soap bars, creating a soap that is ideal for all the everyday cleansing safe to be used by all family members.

The combination of olive oil with the pure essential oils, herbs and clays can justify Estia soaps as  All natural and vegan friendly.

  • No synthetic ingedients,
  • plastic free,
  • cruelty free,
  • Ethical policy.

Estia soaps are way more than a product.

Through them we share a vision to promote simplicity in life and love for our planet.

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Show offer

The orders that will be placed in the Trade Fair will have a wooden counter display for free. Minimum quantity is applied.

New products

We have now created the new unscented olive oil soap ARTEMIS. A pure white soap, made only with a blend of fine vegetables oils and 70% extra virgin olive oil. No fragrance, no clay, just pure soap, ideal for very sensitive skin and people who have allergies or dislike aroma. Soon in our collection Botanical essential soaps.


ATHINA olive oil soap, Head to Toe soap ideal for sensitive skin and skin conditions like eczema

EREVOS olive oil soap. Head to Toe soap ideal for deep face cleansing due to the charcoal.

MINTHI olive oil soap with poppyseeds for exfoliation

EROS olive oil soap Head to Toe with Ylang Ylang and Geranium pure essential oils

GAIA olive oil soap ideal for face cleansing. Anti-aging properties with pure essential oils

PLOUTON olive oil soap for body exfoliation with poppyseeds


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