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Heaven Spring Salt Lamps are UK based principle importers and wholesalers of Himalayan salt products in the UK and proud to be known as specialists in this area. We offer a wide variety of natural crystal salt lamps, natural candle or tea-light holders, USB salt lamps and a variety of edible and bath salt products. We also offer a range of crafted Himalayan salt lamps and candle holders. At Heaven Spring Salt Lamps, we put clients first & prioritise your needs in the ever-changing market & also offer to produce bespoke crafted salt products. Salt lamps offer an array of amazing claimed health benefits and they also look the part as decorative items. Himalayan salt lamps were one of the best selling personal gift items last year and the sales for Himalayan salt products have been predicted to go up this year. Please contact us for any queries and we look forward to seeing you on our stand.

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Selection of natural salt lamps and natural tea light holders

Pyramid Salt Lamp

Sphere Salt Lamp

Fire Bowl Salt Lamp

White Himalayan Salt Lamps in various sizes/weights

Selection of metal basket salt lamps

Greenacres Road


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