Heilagr Jewellery

E111 & F115

Jewellery & Watches | Design-led Gifts

Heilagr comes from the Old Norse meaning sacred and blessed. 

We are a small jewellery company based on Orkney focusing on original designs inspired by our wonderful surroundings. Darrin has been in the jewellery business for 25 years and has gained great experience during this time. All his jewellery is hand crafted using traditional techniques to achieve a consistent high quality product.


Bangle from my Starry Night range, silver bangle featuring a crescent moon with a gemstone star

Islands View Pendant, a view found throughout Scotland!

Dry Stone Dykes, who’d thought a dyke could look so good!

Heavy Horse pendant, paying homage to our working horses

Shoreside Tangles Ring, seaweed tangles emulated in silver


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