Hole in my Pocket


Hole in my Pocket design and sell our own ranges of greetings cards, mugs and other gifts for the high-end contemporary gift market.

Our work is bright, bold, and humorous with a lopsided charm that makes excited children out of the most serious of adults.

We sell our work directly through online retailers and wholesale to around 45 boutique stores, museums and Galleries throughout the UK and abroad.

Our collections include the Lucky Pine Sawmill, A Life on the Ocean Waves and the Scottish themed work "Eat Haggis and Ceilidh On" www.eathaggis.com.

Show offer

Special show starter packs and lower carriage paid.


Tee Shirt & Mug

Happy Birthday Bear

Lumberjack Bag

Valentines Cards

I love my mum

Lang my yer lum reek

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