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Hello, my name is Roy Anstey and I’m the creator of Huckleberry Road.
Huckleberry Road is the culmination of years (more than I care to mention) as a creative professional in the design and marketing industry, and my deep-rooted childhood loves of spontaneous day-dreaming, directionless doodling and inventing ... stuff.

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it!
That is the message I endeavour to keep at the core of my ‘From the Heart’ design range. The flowing interaction within the illustrated messages create the hearts they conform to, showing that one can not truly exist without the other. My hope is that these designs convey genuinely-engaging messages, that help people say what they really feel.

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New products

And now for something completely different! Introducing the loveable Rufus and Bunbun, just in time for the Spring Trade Fair. The illustrations for this brand-new range are inspired by the real-life antics of the much-loved stuffed toys, who are not surprisingly called, Rufus and Bunbun. Although this Daring Duo may not be feeling quite as spritely as they once were, their lovable adventures are destined to endure forever. Spring Trade Show EXCLUSIVE: I've just heard that the original Rufus and Bunbun might just be pursuaded to come out of retirement for a guest appearance, so keep an eye out for them at the show this year:


One of the most popular designs

Rufus and Bunbun Greeting Cards

Multi-occasion based. Engagement, Wedding, Anniversaries.

Rufus and Bunbun Gift Wrap

From the Heart – Gift Wrap & Tags

Well-worn, well-travelled ,,, and well-loved. The original Rufus and Bunbun.


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