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'The World's Most Comfortable Tablet Stand' Mac Sources.

iBeani is a multi-award-winning tablet bean bag stand, designed to hold any digital tablet, so that you don’t have to! With premium, instantly recognisable branding, iBeani is the must have lifestyle-accessory for every home. Designed in the UK.


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The world’s most comfortable tablet stand - Mac Sources . . . iBeani is a UK designed, multi-award-winning tablet stand - Well known for its style, comfort, versatility and premium quality; the must have lifestyle tablet accessory for every home.

The iBeani tablet bean bag securely holds all iPad, tablet and eReader devices, from the smallest Kindle to the largest iPad Pro. Prefer a book? iBeani will hold that too!

Thanks to its unique design, the iBeani tablet cushion will hold any device securely on any surface, at any viewing angle, portrait or landscape, with or without a tablet case. It really is the perfect tablet accessory to use on your lap whilst relaxing & browsing on the sofa, in bed when catching up on the latest box set or movie, or even in the kitchen; iBeani is also fully washable allowing you to follow recipes hands free… It really can be used anywhere!

iBeani tablet bean bag cushions are also multi-functional and can double up as a book stand, steady camera mount or a travel pillow / camping pillow.

We firmly believe that iBeani is a great tablet holder for users who suffer with repetitive strain injuries (RSI), aches and pains in the hands, arms, shoulders or neck, as it helps reduce the strain of holding a device. We also believe it will help prevent such problems from prolonged tablet use. This belief is supported by lots of customer feedback.

With styles to suit males and females of all ages, iBeani is an ideal gift for friends and family, as recognised by The Giftware Association. iBeani has excellent reviews by the National media and has featured in Vogue, Daily Mail, Sunday Express, Woman & Home, Macworld amongst many others.

In Summary:

* The world's most comfortable tablet stand - Mac Sources

* Gift of The Year award winning tablet bean bag cushion - Premium quality, stylish, designed in the UK

* Ultra lightweight tablet holder - any tablet or book, any surface, any viewing angle - On your lap, in bed, in the kitchen...

* Handy pocket for phone, charger, earphones, glasses, etc.

* As featured in Vogue, Daily Mail, Sunday Express, Woman & Home, Macworld + many others.

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