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 Hand-built stoneware ceramics inspired by westerly coastal regions of Wales and Scotland. The bottles are slab built, with small necks and shoulders to give the work a figurative feeling. They are decorated with slips, marks and glaze to create a sense of the sea and shoreline. 

New products

Last year I introduced the seashell bowls, finely pinched bowls in iron flecked clay glazed with turquoise and white. To complement these I have created a pebble range of small rounded vessels finely pinched in the same clay.   An on going body of work has been developed from drawings of ancient objects, tools and rock carvings found within the landscape of the coastal regions of Wales and Scotland. Resulting work includes hand-held artefacts with markings and larger vessels with incised markings.  


Stoneware Pebble pots

Seashell Bowls

Ancient Spiral Vessel

Ancient Artefacts

Seascape Bottles

Spherical Bottles


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