Louise Tiler Designs Ltd


Greeting Cards & Stationery

Louise Tiler Designs Ltd is a prestigious independent greeting card publisher and surface pattern design studio in the UK. Since the company was founded in 2014 by the award-winning designer Louise Tiler the company has grown rapidly and has a team of passionate and hard-working “card lovers” The team take pride in every stage of the production process, from the creation of the unique designs to final finishes and packaging. Louise Tiler Designs uses intricate hand painting and drawing processes to create contemporary designs that are perfect for all occasions.

Show offer

We are happy to be offering a 10% discount on all orders made during the show!

New products

Louise Tiler Designs is excited to introduce new greeting card ranges at Spring Fair 2020 including the new Paw Prints and Apricot range, containing more of Louise's award-winning animal illustrations and elegant birthday designs. In addition, Louise Tiler will be launching 20  beautiful new birthday designs to add to the popular 2019 collections, containing meaningful sentiment and beautiful holographic foils.

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