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Fine silver and gold jewellery inspired by texture, designed and handcrafted in Scotland. I'm inspired by everything around me and I love the dimension and depth created when you impart texture onto precious metals. I'm always looking for ways of getting texture into my pieces and my design process is one of evolution, my pieces evolve as I'm making them! 

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New products

The Birch Collection - inspired by the bark of the silver birch tree, this beautiful collection is textured by hand and catches the light from every angle. This collection features Argentium Silver which is a lovely material to work with. It has a higher silver content and lower copper content than the more well know Sterling Silver and therefore has a whiter, brighter look.


Birch Collection: Adjustable Bangle

Moorland Collection: antler drop earrings

The Blend: Necklace & Bangle

Serrula Collection: necklace

Birch Collection: Hoop earrings

Pebble Collection: Swarovski Topaz Ring

East Kilbride
South Lanarkshire

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