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Producers of the finest twines for gardening, craft and stationery.

A brand born in Dundee in 1922, the home of Jute, Jam and Journalism.

An international brand, often copied never equalled!


Show offer

We are offer carriage free on all orders placed at the show,

New products

Bag in a Bag ® Craft kit- Make your own bag.with Twine.

Mac-Cramy® twine for crafts, Nutscenes very own Macrame, produced from 100% recycled Cotton. 20 Colours of Jute twine, biodegradable, sustainable.

Gifts for gardeners, unique items, always practical.




Heritage Twine- Tradition with a twist!

Hobby Twine - 22 colours available- Natural, Sustainable, from plants

New Range of after Gardening healing , caring and soothing range

Mac-Cramy ® Twine 100% Recycled Cotton


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