Penny Warren Jewellery


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Colourful, textured and easy to wear jewellery collections in anodised aluminium and sterling silver. Each piece is designed and made in Penny's workshop in Brighton, Sussex, established in 1994. She sells her work wholesale in many craft outlets and galleries throughout the UK and is excited to be exhibiting at Scotland Trade Fair Spring 2020 for the first time. Inspired by skyscapes, textile design and urban graffiti, her ideas are explored through hand-printing on the aluminium with textured paper and applying colour washes freehand to create depth and luminosity. The collections are light weight, durable and eye-catchingly attractive for any occasion.


Yellow spot and textured silver square necklace

Petrol blue spot and textured silver necklace

jade and green Alyssa print bangles

Lime green and silver Alyssa print necklace

Leaf cascade pendants and earrings

Multi coloured disc cluster necklaces

East Sussex

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