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Welcome to my Illustrated World ... where I take the unexpected, subtle humour and irony in (m)any aspects of daily life, analyse them from our unique Scottish perspective (and possibly a wee bit of sarcasm), and “translate” them into original concepts and artwork that connect with Scots and non-Scots alike.

This year at the trade fair I'll have all the current collections with me (Aye Write, Sign Language, From the Heart, and Rufus & Bunbun), which are available for retail sale as Greeting Cards and Art Prints. In response to interest and demand (plus I have far too many ideas rattling around in ma heid), I am currently working up a bunch more illustrations and ideas, and will be increasing the product offering in both of the popular Aye Write and Sign Language collections. These are on track for launch over the next 6 months.

New products

The new Christmas Collection of greeting cards show a unique Scots "translation" (albeit a very loose translation), of well-known traditional Carol lyrics. There are currently 10 Christmas card designs available, covering the full range of sentiments from 'sweet and caring' to 'wild n wacky'. Based on how well these cards were received (and again ... heid, ideas, rattling), I'm doubling that to 20 in time for Christmas 2020.

I'll also have some samples of my first ever "Dinnae Feed the Coo" calendar, which proved to be a popular pressie idea for Scots giving gifts locally, or mailing abroad ... or just to keep for themselves.


Fergus and Jessie (Sign Language Collection)

Haud Yer Wheesht (Christmas Collection)

Bucket List (Aye Write Collection)

Rain ... Probably (Sign Language Collection)

Moon and Back (From the Heart Collection)

Under the Weather (Rufus and Bunbun Collection)


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