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In a wee pub in Burntisland on the Fife coast of Scotland, a small group of knitters meet every Thursday night and sit in the corner knitting and chatting.

As the evening progresses, there is more chatting than knitting and on one occasion the subject turned to childhood toys that you no longer see.  The night wore on, the conversation took a turn of its own and somehow or other they agreed to knit an updated Scottish version of an old favourite.

A pattern was written, wool was bought and Scgoli was born. Pretty soon he had his own Facebook page and was travelling all over the world. The knitters and their friends have had lots of fun with him and hope that when you get to know him, you will too.

New products

After the demand created by the Scgoli book we have had Scgoli himself manufactured and he is provig to be a hit.



Scgoli Book


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