Scottish Sea Glass


Showcase Scotland

Hand crafted jewellery and accessories using 100% reclaimed sea glass collected from the shores of Scotland's beaches. As no two piece of glass found are the same, each piece is truly 'one of a kind'   Jewellery and accessories can be cutomised to meet each stockists requirement.  Glass colour, design alterations and location specific glass can be accomidated to meet the needs of your own customer base and your unique gift shops seasonal themes.

Show offer

Orders placed at the show have postage paid. (Usually £10.00)

New products

'I sea the moon' pendant collection. Beautiful mix of sea glass, crystals and sterling silver. Hand carved white sea glass crescent moon with (or without) crystal and moonstone cluster. On a 16" sterling silver snake chain. All pieces come boxed with a wee information leaflet for your customer.


Sea Glass Pendant

'Scrunchie' bracelet from 'Highland Sea Flower' Collection

'Bobbing' bracelet

'Sparkle on the Horizon' necklace in blue sea glass and matching earrings

'Sea Love' hand carved sea glass on sterling silver pendant and 'link' bracelet.

Pendant and earrings from 'Heart of the Ocean' Collection

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