Sheila Fleet Jewellery

E111 & F115

Well-known Scottish jewellery designer-maker, Sheila Fleet OBE, is launching her NEW SEASONS COLLECTION at STF 2019! This extensive collection is beautifully created in sterling silver with a choice of four vibrant enamel colours: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. All Sheila's jewellery collections and designer rings are made in her Workshop by the sea in the Orkney Islands.

New products

NEW SEASONS is inspired by falling leaves on the paths of tranquil gardens. These colourful leaves reflect the changing times of year and each Season offers a selection of pendants, necklets, earrings and rings. Excellent price point and attractive choice for customer.


Fresh and vibrant

Warm, peaceful days

Glowing gold with silver

Perfect for brides...

Press Releases

PDF icon NEW SEASONS COLLECTION from Sheila FleetPDF icon A Workshop by the Sea - Brief History of Sheila Fleet Jewellery


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