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Smith & Ross Designs brew up a brand new concept in card giving! Smith & Ross Designs are a new, international greetings card and gifts company with offices in the north of Scotland and central France. Founded by Sacha Smith and Michael Ross, this passionate team are intent on challenging the impersonal trend for quick texts or transient online greetings with a unique approach to physical card-giving that is steeped in kindness and cheer. Smith & Ross have brewed up an innovative concept in greeting cards which puts real warmth and care back into physical card-giving. 

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SENTEAMENTS © are unique greetings cards designed to express caring sentiments, supportive thoughts and create a sense of physical connection through the power of a good cup of tea. If the sender has a friend whose day needs brightening or a loved one far away, these cards are a perfect way of letting the recipient know that they are cared for, remembered and celebrated. Furthermore, in the simple ritual of receiving, making and sipping a good cup of tea those well-wishes are supplemented in REALI-TEA! 


senTEAments Christmas Card - teabag included. TEA-X-014

senTEAments Scottish Card - teabag included. TEA-ST-001

senTEAments Baby Card - teabag included. TEA-068

senTEAments Anniversary / Birthday Card - teabag included. TEA-032

senTEAments Everyday Card- teabag included. TEA-015

senTEAments Birthday Card- teabag included. TEA-051

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