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Decorative handblown glass stoppered bottles, bowls and vases, as well as solid paperweights.  Ideal as a statement piece or part of a group of pieces to enrich any home or work enviroment. Each piece is unique as no moulds are used, sizes vary & colour densities will differ. Pieces range from the single vibrant colours of 'Mono' stoppered bottles to the muli-coloured and layered applications of colour in 'Moors','Monochrome' & the seven 'Sea Shore' varients. Many ranges are sandblasted to give a matt finish, but shiny versions can be ordered too. All the pieces are made & finished solely by Thomas Petit.  


Sea Shore - Bowls (7x Sea Shore colourways)

Moors - Depicting an abstract landscape

Stripe - Flat Paperweight (10 x colourways)

Ribb Triangular Bowls ( 5x colourways)

Silk Float

Sea Shore - Flint (7x Sea Shore Colourways)


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