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Previous gold winner in the Best Product Award, our FOREVER LEAVES are natural, unique leaf skeletons preserved in precious metals (pure silver, autumnal copper and 24 carat gold). 

Tapping into the upcycling and vintage trends, the popular OLD WILLOW collection takes fragments of British porcelain and showcases them in sterling silver.

Meanwhile, 'Scotland's gem hunter' himself Adam McIntosh has been tunnelling, abseiling and even ocean-diving (as seen on the BBC) in search of native stones, and we are delighted to showcase a streamlined collection of IONA, SKYE and HIGHLAND green marble jewellery alongside rich red LEWISIAN.

Chat to the team, check out visual merchandising ideas and pick up newly-designed catalogues at our stand.


Forever Leaves: real leaf skeletons preserved in precious metals.

Old Willow: vintage British porcelain upcycled into jewellery.

Scottish Highland Marble: hand-dug from Britain's only seam of true marble.

Scottish Lewisian: the 3 billion year old bedrock of Scotland.

Scottish Iona marble: a rare gift from the sacred isle.

Huge success in 2019: Scottish Skye marble jewellery.


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