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Urban Pirate is an award winning independent clothing brand based in Scotland. Created in 2010 by artist and illustrator David Dow, we create authentic, quality clothing and textiles inspired by Scottish culture. Our designs are original and our t-shirts are hand screen printed in our home town of Glasgow, using environmentally friendly water based inks. Our cottons and materials are responsibly sourced and everything down to our packaging is produced as locally as possible. Urban Pirate actively supports and collaborates with local designers and makers to promote the growth of independent businesses in Scotland and beyond.

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Any order placed at the show will be charged at the lower rung pricing bracket and free from postage!

New products

AKA Whisky
Whisky is known by many names. This year we have created a full range of designs celebrating the evolution of the naming of Scotlands national drink.

Technically more of a nickname, given by the Native Americans to whisky. Presumably because it was quite a flammable liquid and not that it burns so good when you drink it.
Aqua Vitae
The first ‘official’ term used for Whisky in Scotland. The Latin Aqua Vitae translates to ‘Water of Life’ which is rather apt as it has been credited by a lady from Worcestershire as what keeps her going at the age of 112…

Uisge Beatha
The Scots Gaelic translation from Aqua Vitae.
It is also the stepping stone to the modern use of ‘Whisky’. Uisge being pronounced as ooshgae it’s easy to see how.

The concept behind the Uisge Beatha range is that the process to create a white spirit will always remain the same. The character of the individual whisky comes from the process surrounding the spirit.

The three most common flavour profiles of Scottish malt whisky are bourbon, sherried and peated.


Firewater T-shirt

Greyfriars Bobby Pin

Uisge Beatha

Ladies Scoopneck t-shirt

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