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We write and publish non-fiction Scottish humour gift books which are foo o' surprises an' will appeal to a' sorts o' folk, young an' auld. On the surface, the Wee Book range is full of outrageous laughter but lurking beneath, there are messages of confidence, positivity, resilience and love.  Aye, a' that guid stuff!A' sorts o' titles are comin' auf the press this year as well as some greetin's cards which are well posh -  an exclusive collection of design-led Scottish greetings cards by our illustrator, the artist Jane Cornwell.  Aye, things o' beauty.

Show offer

 There's a' sorts o' offers oan fur wur new retailers.  Pop over fur a chat. The Jane Cornwell Collection - Scottish design-led greetings cards.Order 12 x 12 designs, and get 1 x 6 designs free;  pre-paid. 

New products

  • 'The Wee Book o' Scottish Grannies' Sayin's' by Susan Cohen :  a collection of sayin's by wur darlin' wee Grannies, who are as philosophical as gurus an' as bolshie as bikers.  A wee book tae warm yer heart on e'en the cauldest o' days.
  • 'Big Tam's Kilted Wurkoots' by Big Tam Rannachan:  a fitness book like nae other!  Written by a kick-erse Scottish personal trainer wi' a heart o' gold an' biceps made frae girders, this book's aimed at sofa tatties o' a' ages, Big Tam's wurkoots willnae jist mak' ye get up auf yer bahoochie, they'll also mak' ye chuckle 'til ye're bent double.  Who wuidnae want tae dae the Lorne Sausage Sit Up or the Porridge Plank?  C'moan!
  • Design-led Scottish greeting cards by Jane Cornwell for the Wee Book Company:  beautifully illustrated, high quality blank greetings cards for every occasion.  What's not to love?


The Wee Book o' Scottish Grannies' Sayin's

Big Tam's Kilted Wurkoots - Fur Sofa Tatties o' a' Ages

The Wee Cludgie Book

The Wee Book o' Winchin' - Fur Every Jock There's A Jessie

The Forgotten Witches an' Wizards o' Scotland

The Jane Cornwell Collection - Scottish design-led greetings cards

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