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Just a Card - How do you attract more footfall into your shop?

The Just a Card campaign has helped so many independent shops. Come and hear how it's done. A Not For Profit Community Spirited Campaign started by London based artist, Sarah Hamilton and run by a team of volunteers, the Just a Card campaign supports artists, makers and independent shops, highlighting the fact that every sale, however small, is vital to a small business, even if it is just a card. 

Sarah Hamilton
Founder - Just a Card

Should I as a business be worried about cybercrime or is it an opportunity?

Learn how to protect your business from cyber crime and gain vital tips on security.  

Eamonn Keane
Head of Cyber Security & Innovation - Scottish Business Resilience Centre

How Social Media is Influencing buying decisions

Customer buying behaviour has changed rapidly over the last couple of years and social media is a major contributor to this. Is your business geared up for this? Are you communicating with your (potential) customers online or is that something you leave to your competitors? During this seminar, Rene Looper from Tuminds Social Media, will guide you through the opportunities offered by the various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, to find and engage with your potential customers and turn them into paying customers and ambassadors for your brand. Knowing where your customers “hang out” online is a critical success factor to the growth of your business. 


Rene Looper
Founder & Director - Tuminds Social Media

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